SMT Receives 2015 Pretreatment Award

SMT is delighted to have received the Pretreatment Award from the city of Raleigh. "Pretreatment" is the removal of pollutants from water before discharging to the city sewer system. We are committed to holding high pretreatment standards and protecting Raleigh's environment.

2015 Pretreatment Award

SMT Installs High Efficiency Paint Line

SMT is proud to announce that our state-of-the-art, high efficiency paint line is now fully operational. SMT partnered with Nordson Corporation to install the all new powder booth. The new booth has increased our high quality powder coating capacity while greatly reducing wasted powder.  See photos of the new booth on the Custom Wet & Powder Paint page.

SMT Paints Industrial Sizes

SMT has one of the largest painting facilities in the area. We can paint extremely large and heavy structures  See our latest examples below, or all our samples on the Custom Wet & Powder Paint page.

Solar Panel Pillar

SMT Hosts Representative Paul Ryan

SMT was honored to host a rally for Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan. We would like to thank all the attendees for coming out and making it a high energy event. Special thanks go to Congressman Paul Ryan and the North Carolina Republican Party for choosing SMT as your venue!

As a family-owned manufacturing company, state and federal government are important to us. At the same time, we recognize that SMT is made up of many hard working Democrats, Republicans, and Independants. We believe the American Way calls us to be vigorous proponents and gracious opponents. So as our nation heads into the 2012 election season, we invite everyone to carefully study the positions of all candidates, and then get out and vote!

SMT Can Restore Rusted Items

SMT's painting services can restore residential and commercial items that have rusted.  See our latest examples below, or all our samples on the Custom Wet & Powder Paint page.

Truck Chassis Wheel

SMT Has A New Look

We at SMT are excited to launch our new website. We hope you look around. Let us know if you have any suggestions!


SMT Acquires Bailiwick Structural Systems

SMT has now acquired the assets of Bailiwick Structural Systems. Ask us how this new acquisition can help us to help you!

View our Structural Telecom Page.